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Wrapping Coating

by: IWL



Hyperplas Polyester is a high softening point. APP modified polymeric waterproofing membrane manufactured to highest standards. It consists of a center core of Spun Bonded Polyester mat for extra mechanical strength. The center core is protected on
both sides with Polymeric Asphaltic mix, which has high penetration, high heat resistance and high softening point. With high tensile strength, the membrane is still
extremely flexible and pliable to adapt to contours. For this reason this membrane makes an ideal waterproofer. Hyperplas Polyester is also available with dual centre core of a High Molecular High Density Polyethylene Film. This additional polyethylene core
provides additional security strength.


  • Hyperplas Polyester is normally used in protected roofing and waterproofing application in a single layer system and also recommended as a base
    layer in multilayer system in various application including damp-proofing.
  • Roof slabs, Podium slab, basement and Raft slab, Roof Garden, Toilet Sunken Slab, Swimming Pool.


  • Excellent resistance to ageing and weathering.
  • Stability at high temperatures and total impermeability
  • High resistance to impact and puncture.
  • Fast application and easy.