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Concealed Sprinkler



Safex Standard Response Spray Sprinklers are intended for use in the Sprinkler Systems designed in accordance with the standard installation rules recognized by the applicable listing or approval agency. They are available in Pendent, UprighHorizontal Sidewall Styles.

Safex Quick Response Spray Sprinklers are designed with a 3mm glass-bulb to react quicker at the specified temperatureThey are available in Pendent, Upright, Horizontal Sidewall Styles.

During a fire conditions, the thermal-sensitive liquid in the Glass Bulb expands, causing the bulb to shatter, releasing the button and spring seal assemblyWater flowing through the Sprinkler orifice strikes the Sprinkler deflector, forming a uniform spray pattern to extinguish or control the fire.

Standard and Quick Responders are designed for use in a wild range of applications including office buildings, libraries, hotels, restaurants, banks, band shells, theaters, factories, and storehouses.