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Beam Detector I-9105R

by: GST


I-9105R Intelligent Reflective Beam detector (the detector) is an addressable reflective infrared beam smoke detector that has two signal output ways: loop output and contact output. When the detector is connected with GST fire alarm control panel directly, state information will be transmitted through loop between the detector and the control panel. The detector can be programmed by GST programmer. Code range is within 1~242. When the detector is not connected with the control panel, fire and fault information can be transmitted by contacts. The detector must be used together with a reflector. The number of reflector(s) to be used (one or four) depends on the distance from the detector.


  • Wide operating voltage range, big monitoring areas
  • Combination of the emitting and receiving part makes mounting easy and optical pathway accurate.
  • Built-in microprocessor enables intelligent judgment about fire alarm and fault.
  • The detector can calibrate automatically, which ensures a single person complete adjustment in short time. It’s also convenient to operate
  • Self-diagnosis function can monitor the inner fault.
  • Automatic compensation for factors weakening received signals, such as a certain of dust contamination, positional excursion and ageing transmitter.
  • Simple to control and operate by integrating digital bus protocol.
  • Electronically addressed. The address can be programmed in field.
  • Two sensitivity levels can be set in field.
  • The detector’s optical pathway is designed with strong anti-interference ability.
  • SMT processing technology.
  • Attractive and decent appearance.
  • Standard: EN 54-12.