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Addressable Two Loop Panel GST200N-2

by: GST


GST200-2/1 Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) is designed to comply with EN 54-2 standard with qualities of simple installation, operation, and easy maintenance. It is used in fire alarm system with the following features.

  • It controls at most 30 zones. Each zone has its own alarm and fault/disable LEDs and a label.
  • Maximum two Class A loops. The first loop can have up to 235 addressable devices, and the second up to 242 devices. It is compatible with a series of addressable GST products, which are intelligent sounder strobe (I-9403) complying with EN 54-3, rate of rise and fixed temperature heat detector (I-9103) complying with EN 54-5, photoelectric smoke detector (I-9102) complying with EN 54-7, intelligent manual call point (I-9202) complying with EN 54-11, intelligent reflective beam detector (I-9105R) complying with EN 54-12, input and output module (I-9300, I-9301) complying with EN 54-18, and loop isolator (C-9503) complying with EN 54-17.
  • The LCD can display 8 lines in total and 18 characters each line, assisting the 15 LEDs in displaying important information.
  • The memory does not lose data even if power supply is accidentally removed.
  • It has manual keys for each zone, which can activate/silence the sounder strobes separately.
  • Automatically prompting operation steps for every alarm device and for smoke exhaust and fire extinguishing equipment by field programming.
  • Sounder strobe interface provides 0.5A/24V output, compatible with GST conventional sounder strobe (C-9403) designed according to EN 54-3.
  • RS232 interface enables communication with PC.
  • RS485 interface enables networking