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Addressable Sounder Strobe/ Hooter I-9403

by: GST


I-9403 Intelligent Sounder Strobe is an audible and visual alarm device installed in field, which can be activated by fire alarm control panel in fire control center. After activated, it will generate strong audible and visual alarm signal to warn people in field. A 25.5mm high shallow base and a 40mm high deep base are available. The sounder strobe comes with the shallow base. The deep base C-94DB should be ordered separately. Unless otherwise stated


  • Providing 16 tones.
  • Using ultra bright LEDs as source for light indication. Optional transparent colorless lens(C-94WL) available.
  • Loop powered or external 24V powered.
  • Power-saving consumption mode and normal consumption mode (factory default).
  • Single/dual address programmable.
  • Working modes: sounder & strobe / strobe only /sounder only.
  • Standard: EN 54-3.