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Addressable Smoke Detector DI-9102E/DB-01

by: GST


DI-9102E Intelligent Photoelectric Smoke Detector is a new generation product, connected with intelligent fire alarm control panel to form fire alarm system. The
detector turns on fire LED to indicate fire alarm condition and transmits the fire signal to the control panel. The detector is developed from sensing chamber by scattering theory. Besides stable performance and easy maintenance, the detector has the ability to endure dust contamination and environmental light. The detector utilizes drift compensation algorithm: When the environment is changing, such as dust accumulation, humidity and temperature changing, the detector can figure out these drift variation to make up for sensitivity, thus the amount of smoke needed to generate an alarm remains constant, irrespective of environmental conditions.


  • Integrated algorithm of analyzing fire, recognize black smoke quickly.
  • Drift sensitivity, suit to environment extensively.
  • Identification of defective detectors.
  • Featuring magnetic test.
  • Removable innovative sensing chamber, easy for maintenance.
  • Reporting dirt fault for contaminated chamber.
  • The fire LED allows 360°viewing.
  • Providing output terminal connecting with remote indicator.
  • 2-level sensitivities (complying with EN 54-7 just when sensitivity is level 1).
  • Built-in microprocessor stores 14 history data.
  • Polling LED can be set to close.