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Addressable Multi Detector DI-9101E

by: GST


DI-9101E Intelligent Combined Heat Photoelectric Smoke Detector integrates photoelectric detection, fixed temperature and rate of rise detection technology. The smoke sensor and heat sensor are integrated in mechanism and circuitry structure, provide wide range of application, to detect more types of fire conditions like black smoke with small particles and alcohol flame.
Features and Benefits:-
  • Electrically addressed, can be modified by programmer
  • Strong environmental adaptability due to drift compensation
  • Self-diagnostic
  • Reed switch test
  • Dirty chamber checking
  • Fire LED allows 360° viewing
  • Possible to switch off polling LED
  • Remote indicator output
  • 2 levels smoke sensitivities, level 1 complies with EN 54-7
  • LPCB approved at EN 54-7 and EN 54-5