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Addressable Eight Loop Panel IFP8

by: GST


GST-IFP8 Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) is designed to comply with EN54-2 and EN54-4 standard with qualities of simple installation, operation, and easy maintenance. Modularized structure allows the panel to be expanded to maximum 8 loops, 1936 devices can cover most medium projects.

Features and Benefits:-

  • Max.999 zones, 140 of which has its own alarm and fault/disable LEDs and a label
  • Maximum 8 Class A loops, each with up to 242 addressable devices
  • 15*40 LCD screen, assisting the 17 LEDs to display important information
  • Compatible with full series of GST EN addressable and digital products
  • Non-Volatile memory ensures not loss of data even if power supply is accidentally removed
  • Sounder strobe output provides 1A/24V load, capable connecting conventional sounders
  • RS232 interface enables communication with PC
  • RS485 interface enables networking
  • RS485 interface for connecting repeaters