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Addressable Control Module DI9301E

by: GST


With a microprocessor, the DI-9301E Digital Single Input and Output Module (the module) can communicate with fire alarm control panel (FACP), check loop power-cut, control output, circuit faults, logic state of input signals, and state LEDs. On receiving start command from the FACP, it will close the output relay and illuminate the active indicator.


  • The dry contact input port can be programmed to NC or NO and monitored.
  • The input can also be programmed as “self-answering”, which means that the Input port monitoring is disabled, and the module will directly send a “status” signal to FACP when the dry-contact output changes state.
  • Addressable unit. Address can be programmed in field
  • Input port utilizes AD sampling technology for precise testing.
  • DIN-Rail mounted or Wall mounted.
  • Standard: EN 54-18:2005